AfriqueAfrica, far from being the continent of all evils as the traditional media always described it (civil wars, poverty and diseases) is the continent which over the years has been able to adapt to change in all areas. With a population of approximately 1,166,239,000 inhabitants, with over 60% of young and dynamic people,is the only continent that has been able to resist to all the economic crisis that have shaken the world.
Despite certain difficulties facing Africa, the continent will continue to do better than most regions of the world in terms of economic performance and should now be regarded as the land of opportunities. According to estimates the continent is expected to have continued growth and numbers should even exceed 6.3% in some regions of the continent.
Several reasons may explain this positive posture of Africa such as the increase in private consumption, the expansion of its middle class, improved inter-regional trade, infrastructural development and telecommunications.


The fall in oil prices had a negative impact on the economy of producing countries, but these effects have only a minimal impact on the continent as a whole.
Now, the world must rely on Africa for its development. The big firms are scrambling to settle in Africa, to monetize wealth and potential it offers. However, each African country has its own realities, realities that must be carefully studied before considering any investment.
Fortunately for investors, a country like Cameroon presents different realities in different domain similar those found in almost all of all African countries that is the reason why Cameroon is call Africa in miniature

Cameroon: Africa in miniature:
Nicknamed “Africa in miniature” for its geographical and human diversities, Cameroon is the leader of (CEMAC) Economic and Monetary Community of Central Africa with a population of about 25 million. It presents an exceptional economic potential, with French and English as official languages. Yaounde is the political capital and Douala11780371_1025105937523150_527208697_n the economic capital.Cameroon’s GDP weighs more than a third of that of the CEMAC. Oil, cotton, coffee, cocoa, wood, aluminum, tobacco, rubber and bananas account for the bulk of exports. The country imports manufactured products to fill the gap due to lack of food processing and preservation, which represents a huge potential for any company that wants to invest in food processing. Moreover, the country is situated above the equator with great access to the sea. In recent years, the country has undertaken major works, among which is the creation of a deep water port at Kribi (city seaside), to relieve that of Douala which is already too overloaded and thereby revitalize the economy.


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